Why I quit my job to travel around Europe?

Because I didn’t have enough money to go back to the Maldives.

It would be amazing to go back, but This isn’t the real reason.

Why not? Why shouldn’t you do the same?

1. Money – the first of the excuses. I don’t have much and I’m not going to spend all my savings in this trip. But you don’t need much!! you just need the will and the courage to say:

“I’m Young, Wild and Free and when I come back (if I do) I’m getting another job. Even if that means working in a supermarket to start with.”

2. I’ll do it later on – if you don’t do it now, with no mortgages, no kids, no back problems… when are you doing it? Right NOW is the time.

There are, obviously, a few things that you need to get ready. I’ll post the list we did for our trip.

3. I’m not doing this alone – I guess I’m with you on this one. But you can go alone, this will allow you to meet new people, people you probably wouldn’t meet if you were with someone else.

4. I don’t really fancy the whole camping business – even if you don’t like camping, there are so many ways to get around these days. For very little or no money at all!

Couch Surfing – loads of people, giving away their home and company for free.
Air BnB – some more people, allowing you to stay at the comfort of their home without them being actually there.
But my favourite one: World Packers now these guys are the real deal. In most places you have food, shelter, trips included. And if you don’t have money for the plane ticket, there’s a big chance that they have a host close to where you live.

If it’s something you really want, only you can make it happen.

Let’s do this. It’s time !

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