A world away from the working week

Is there a better way to start an unplanned trip to Europe with a practice go across the Jurassic Coast? We drove 60 out of the 95 miles of the Jurassic Coast and it was epic!

From beautiful scenery to a random night in a theme park, finishing off with fossil hunting – It was a fantastic and affordable way to spend the Easter bank holiday weekend.


This is Tangerine Dream. And she lived up to her name.


She manage to steal all the looks as we drove through the small villages from Mere to Charmouth. We had her for Three fantastic days and this just made me want one like her even more.

We weren’t just lucky with the weather! We had the full VW experience (I’m not being ironic) when Tangerine decided to play a trick on us. The clutch cable snapped. I guess we had time and nowhere set to go, so we just chilled: We had a fantastic view over The Fleet, we boiled the kettle and read our books until the AA came to our rescue – which took 3 bloody hours!

But hey, you can’t have too much tea.


Day 1

  • Drive from Mere (where we rented the van from) to Shaftesbury. We had a lovely lunch at King Alfred’s Kitchen and we filled up our fridge in the towns Tesco.
  • From Shaftesbury we headed straight to the closest beach – Swanage, Studland.
  • On the way to Studland we passed Wareham and we gazed upon this stunning piece of rumble, that turned out to be a castle in ruins! So we stopped somewhere off road and did a 2 mile walk to this stunning place. We survived raging cows, horny horses and loads of nettle. But we got there! Corfe Castle.
  • We then booked our spot at Woodyhyde Campsite and had a great meal in The Castle Inn.

Day 2

  • We started fairly early and drove down to West Lulworth to see the Durdle Door and Lulworth’s Cove. Beautiful day for an ice cream, so we had 2. There are some fantastic walks to choose from and you can easily walk from one site to the other.
  • We then drove to Weymouth and into Portland. From here we had a bit a of a wonder round and decided to go fossil hunting – on the way there, we spotted a man on a horse!
  • fullsizeoutput_efd.jpeg
  • It was on the way to Charmouth from Chesil Beach that we had our breakdown – we had loads of tea, we ate all our food supplies (rookie mistake), I read my book and took loads of pictures of the poor camper.
  • Once the AA sorted our clutch cable, we didn’t really have anywhere to stay/eat (It’s a Sunday in the UK… which means that nothing is open past 4pm). We saw the sign for what seemed to be a Theme Park of some sort which didn’t look very good – but they had a spot, showers and food – and after a few beers everything is tolerable.

Day 3

  • Smooth drive into Charmouth beach where we met this lovely old man that told us all about fossils and helped me find about 700 of them. I was convinced he was making up most of these “fossils” until he found a pebble that turned into this!IMG_5279
  • We started to make our way back to Mere when we realised we weren’t that far away from Stonehenge. And this was our last pit stop before handing Tangerine Dream back. The entrance fee to the Stonehenge is somewhat expensive as a one off visit to an UK heritage site, but you can download the guide for free onto your phone and it also allows you to go to their museum. So… all in all it’s a fairly good place to stop if you’re into this history period.

Go! Give it a try it!

I still can’t get over this scenery.


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