Road Down Memory Lane

Every time I read my Fitas I get taken back to a fantastic time of my youth (?), seems like so long ago and I risk to say I would do it all over again.

Every year, in the first week of May, Queima Das Fitas takes place. This involves a whole week of partying, drinking, crying and, for some, studying. Every faculty in Porto gathers  in Aliados to get their pastas blessed by the towns bishop. It means something to students from every school year, but specially to the Finalistas (graduates), who are (allegedly in their final year). You are one (finalista) before you even pass your exams, which seems (is) a bit silly.

This depends on which university you study, but for a 4 year degree it goes like this:
– Student from year 1 lose their freshman garments and get to wear their Black uniforms;
– Year 2 get their grelo and pasta which is an insignia that marks your “evolution” along the praxe path;
– Year 3 get their fitas (the colourful bits of fabric where your friends will write their dedications);
– Year 4 you graduate and you get your top hat and a cane. With the cane people will hit you (literally) 3 times, wishing you something, ideally nice, for each hit.


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